About this site

What is Matapihi?

Matapihi is a window onto the online collections of a number of New Zealand cultural organisations.

How does Matapihi work?

Matapihi lets you search across the digital collections of different New Zealand organisations from one website. To find out which organisations have contributed to Matapihi, see the Contributors page.

The results of your search will be displayed as thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail will refer you to a larger version of the item on the website of the contributing organisation.

What will I find in Matapihi?

Items available through Matapihi are about New Zealand, made in New Zealand, created by New Zealanders, or held in New Zealand collections. Geography, history, the natural environment, people and events are featured. You can find moving images, photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, texts and some 3-d virtual museum objects, as well as a small number of sound files.

What are Showcases?

Showcases are highlights built around particular themes and drawn from the collections of all Matapihi contributors. When you click on a showcase, you will see a selection of items relating to that theme.

How can I contribute?

If you have a collection that you would like to promote through Matapihi, we would like to hear from you. More information is available on the Information for Contributors page or you can contact us if you would like further information.